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Motorcycle Crash Research:
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Evaluation of Motorcycle Crash Prevention Initiatives

Studying the Effectiveness of Motorcycle Rider Training, Riding Strategies, Licensure, and Road Surfaces in Reducing the Incidence of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle Rider Training Impact on Crash Involvement

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Motorcycle Rider Maneuvering Strategies
Lane-Sharing, Lane-Splitting, or Filtering

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Motorcycle Rider Licensure Impact on Crash Involvement

Unlicensed motorcycle operators appear to be disproportionately involved in police-reported motorcycle crashes in Maryland, accounting for about 27 percent of motorcycle operators in police-reported crashes, although unlicensed owners comprise 17 percent of primary motorcycle owners. A randomized controlled trial was conducted to determine whether an educational intervention could increase licensure rates among Maryland motorcycle owners.

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Rumble Strips and Barriers

Crash barriers that save the lives of car occupants can be killers of motorcyclists. The statistics are stark: hitting a crash barrier is a factor in 8 to 16 per cent of rider deaths, and riders are 15 times more likely to be killed than car occupants. Barrier support posts are particularly aggressive, they can cause a 5-fold increase in injury severity compared to the average motorcycle crash.

The question is: can crash barriers be designed so that riders have some protection against the aggressive features that cause devastating injuries?

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