State Laws and Pending Legislation

The Skilled Motorcyclist Association–Responsible, Trained and Educated Riders, Inc., supports:

  • Decisions, actions, and measures that broaden opportunities for motorcyclists to enjoy owning and using their motorcycle;
  • Decisions, actions, and measures to modify laws, rules, or procedures that prevent motorcyclists from benefiting from the same opportunities afforded to drivers of other types of vehicles; and
  • Decisions, actions, and measures that modify or enact laws, rules, or procedures that enhance and embrace components of a comprehensive motorcyclist safety program.

SMARTER fully supports the enactment and enforcement of universal helmet laws and opposes repeal of universal helmet laws. All valid research clearly demonstrates the benefits of wearing a helmet. Motorcycle helmets save lives and prevent devastating and debilitating head injuries. Every reputable safety research organization in the world supports the use of helmets as a way to reduce injury, death, and economic costs resulting from brain trauma. For decades, hundreds of researchers representing distinguished organizations have researched the topics of the effectiveness of helmets and all-rider helmet law’s. Meticulous reviews of the literature have concluded that the research clearly demonstrates the lifesaving benefits of wearing a helmet, and that all-rider helmet laws are an effective strategy for reducing motorcyclist fatalities. Those facts are not only clear but overwhelming and undeniable.

SMARTER believes it is important for members nationwide to have access to and be aware of important motorcycling laws and pending legislation. The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) does an excellent job of providing this information so there is no need for SMARTER to attempt to duplicate what is already available.

SMARTER encourages its members to use the AMA links below to

  • Be knowledgeable of the laws regulating operating your motorcycle
  • Stay apprised of the various proposals, initiatives, and enactments that impact the motorcycling community
  • Communicate a position of support or opposition to decision makers.

AMA has taken a position of support or opposition on many of the bills it has compiled on its website. SMARTER will not evaluate each piece of legislation and post a position.  SMARTER differs philosophically from the AMA. The American Motorcyclist Association is a “rights” association, whereas the Skilled Motorcyclist Association–Trained, Educated, and Responsible Riders is a motorcyclist safety education association.  Our position on many issues is NOT the same as the AMA position.

State Motorcycle Laws – Links to summaries of state on-road and off-road laws and regulations

AMA Action Center – Links to state and federal legislation reports and a downloadable and printable guide “How to Communicate with Government”

Federal Legislation – Key bills the AMA deems of interest to motorcyclists that are pending in the U.S. Congress

State Legislation – Key bills the AMA deems of interest to street motorcyclists that are pending in state legislatures.  Also available is a link to off-road legislation.