Motorcyclist Community

One of the definitions of “community” is a group of people with a common background or with shared interests.  The World Wide Web makes it easy to find information and connect with others of like interest.  Below are links to forums and general information sites.

Readers interested in on-line discussions focused on a specific brand, type of riding or geographical region should do a simple web search. For example, adding “forum” to any of the following terms will yield results: adventure riders, touring riders, dual sport riders, sport bike riders, women riders, lady riders, Ohio riders, beginner rider, BMW riders, motorcycle travel, stunt riders.

SMARTER has no formal association with any of the sites listed.

State Programs

State Motorcycle Safety Association (SMSA). The mission of SMSA is to assist motorcycle safety programs, through collaboration and partnerships, to implement comprehensive, data-driven motorcycle safety programs and countermeasures to achieve a significant reduction in motorcycle operator traffic crashes, fatalities and injuries.

Forums – All Things (Safety Oriented) Motorcycle.  SMARTER members like this site because it has a strong focus on safety.  More than 270 safety tips, videos and forum. – This is a forum where new riders can get help from community experts.

General Information Sites (also known as Discover Today’s Motorcycling) is the Motorcycle Industry Council’s communications and outreach program. provides information about the world of motorcycling to the general public and the media. We are a national, not-for-profit association dedicated to the growth of safe and smart motorcycle riding. – links to thousands of motorcycling sites – thousands of product reviews – reviews, tips and events – reviews, prices, services and accessories – guides, handbooks, and resources. – news, press releases, race results and editorials