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All the Gear, Every Time You Ride!


All the gear all the time, or ATGATT, simply means wearing personal protective equipment designed for motorcycling, including a quality motorcycle helmet, every time you ride – All the Gear, Every Time You Ride. Much of this apparel is constructed with reflective materials, so it not only helps keep you safer in the event of a crash, it could also help prevent a crash from occurring in the first place by making you more visible to other motorists.

The photo and captions below provide an outline of the major components of motorcyclist gear. An explanation of covered, comfortable, conspicuous and contemporary including the why, what and how to choose proper gear is a single 3-page article. Follow the other links to access separated sections on each of the three topics. Each section has a wealth of information.

Rider stories regarding gear can be accessed here and published research here.

Buy the best gear you can afford and choose to wear it all every time you ride.

Covered. Comfortable. Conspicuous. Contemporary.

Riding smart with motorcycle-specific gear.Riding Smart with Motorcyclist-Specific Gear

SMARTER riders are covered, comfortable, conspicious and contemporary. The bright- and light-colored gear and helmets are definitely NOT your father’s “colors”!

Full Protective Outer Gear

Motorcycle Helmets